Art – COVID Update 9

From Rebekah’s Facebook Page:

We are truly thankful for all the prayers and love that everyone has extended to us!
Today my Dad is still stable!! God’s grace and your prayers are carrying him and us and giving us reason to be thankful! Again today, dad’s oxygen needs have been able to drop, (albeit a little bit but it’s adding up) while his saturation levels have continued to stay steady! This is another step in the right direction and we are so grateful.
Please continue to pray for:

  • Dad to be able to get the nutrition he needs and not be uncomfortable. It’s day 8 of no eating 🙈. He still has a long road and more days in the hospital than we would like.
  • The new doctor we will be getting. That she will be patient, understanding and that God would give her the wisdom she needs to treat my dad and of course the other patients.
  • Continued strength and comfort for my mom and the family
    Thank you all again for your prayerful support!
    For those who would like daily updates but do not have social media:

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