3D Printed Switch Box

Most of you probably don’t know this … in addition to cyber security, programming, hiking, and welding, I like to design and print stuff on my 3D printer. I just finished a project that saved me a few bucks (about $40) and was really fun.

The Problem

I’m in the process of installing some lights on my truck (when we go camping it’s nice to have lights available when needed). One of the things you need is a switch box to control all those lights (as if you didn’t know that …). So I went to Amazon and found this Nilight 6 Gang Rocker Switch box (if you like it … I didn’t … you can buy it and be done, also Amazon makes me say “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”)

I don’t like this switch box because of the round display in the middle (I just don’t need it), the spacing between the box and the hanger is too big, there’s only one hanger, the back just has a bunch of wire coming out, and there are no fuses anywhere (I guess that’s okay if you like fire …)

The Solution

Build your own (or let me know that you want one and I’ll build it for you and charge you for it … my DMs are open on Twitter).

Let’s get to building

I use Blender to do my modeling (I used to use paid software, but this is so much better) and this is what I came up with (you can download the STLs at the bottom of the post):

Pretty neat huh?

In case you’re wondering, there’s also a lid.

Let’s take it from the top … this

is where the seven (yes, seven … even though there will only be six switches, one is for main power) Anderson Powerpoles go.

Notice the top powerpole, it has a standard hole between each connector for a pin. The one we’re going to use (the bottom one) has a larger hole created by a 3.2 mm drill bit. The holes in the side of the 3D print accept an M3 40 mm bolt and securely hold in the connectors. Also, we’re using 16 Gauge wire to make all connections.

Then there’s this cool looking indent

That’s for the this fusebox, which accepts 6 fuses, one for each switch.

Speaking of switches, the crown jewel of the whole project is …

So after a little time (a total of 8 hours of soldering and constructing) we get the following!

Let me know if you like this project and if your want me to build you one … I can also post my Cura slicing settings and what printer I have, if that’s helpful.



Stuff to buy from Amazon

Anderson Powerpole

M3 40mm Bolt

16 Gauge Wire

Fuse box

NiLight 6 Gang Aluminum Rocker Switch Panel Toggle Dash

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