Art – COVID Update 8

From Rebekah’s Facebook Page:

Thank you all for following my Dad’s progress with us! It truly means so much to my family and I. Dad is still stable and with all the prayers progressing in the right direction. We are SO thankful.
Today we had some positive news from the doctors that dads oxygen saturation is getting a bit better so they were able to drop the oxygen a little. This is very important because Dad is still not able to breath on his own, he has to use this oxygen.
Please continue to pray:

  • That they can some nutrition as he hasn’t been able to eat because of his oxygen needs.
  • The doctor we have now is switching out this week, please pray that we will have a new doctor that shows just as much care and willingness to help as this doc has!
  • For a physical therapist to really help him with blood circulation since he is not walking and has very limited movement.
  • Continued strength, healing, peace, and rest
    Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support!
    For those who would like daily updates but do not have social media:

1 thought on “Art – COVID Update 8”

  1. Hi Alain and Johanna,
    Denice sent me this address now I can get every day updates. Praying for you all.
    Please tell Cheryl locate that I am checking in here every day and then I am giving it to John Cain also.God Bless-

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