Fixing Twitter: Unable to render Card preview

The Issue

Most people probably know how to fix this error (because I haven’t seen many articles about it) when trying to post a link to an excellent blog.

I, apparently, was not one of the anointed.

I got frustrated by this issue and went to Twitter’s “Card Validator” to get some answers (I thought, they’ll be helpful and show me what to fix … or not). I typed a URL and clicked Preview Card and then got … “Unable to render Card preview”. Like so:

But wait, there’s more (or less), the error log helpfully stated “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors.” Wow … “other errors” you say? I wonder what those are … Twitter apparently doesn’t know.

The Fix

I use Cloudflare (because, why not? It’s free and it’s awesome and they manage my DNS now!) and because I’m a security guy, set my “Minimum TLS Version” to 1.3. I was getting traffic and everyone was happily TLS1.3ing.

Well, apparently, the folks over at Twitter don’t seem to think TLS 1.3 is all that important. That’s what “other errors” means. I know this because as soon as I changed my minimum TLS version to 1.2 Twitter did it’s thing without complaints. So now I get

My question is this … when will Twitter’s bot supports TLS1.3?

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