NetReconToolkit – Part 01

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This is where it all begins (like that Shire place in LoTR, but without a wizard in a funny hat). I’ll write as many blog parts as needed as I brainstorm, code, test, and (hopefully) deploy this program (think of it as a running commentary/documentation/publicity stunt).


I’ve always liked Nmap ( and have been using it for years, but I’d like to add a few features that I think would be helpful. I also like programming projects that sound fun … I’ve written a few programs but can’t really distribute them since I wrote them for my employer.

NetReconToolkit will be open source and hosted on this website (and probably Github). The goal is to wrap Nmap with Python to extend it’s functionality. More tools can be added once this first step is done.

I plan to make this a Linux-only build (for now anyway) … my initial test versions have run on my Android using Termux (so I’ll keep testing with that as well).

Planned Features

Make it do all the things!

Just kidding, here’s my initial list (since everyone likes bullet points) … comments are welcome (if you’re nice about it):

  • Database storage for scan results
  • Graphical scanning progress
  • Tools to analyze the database and compare scans
  • Scheduled scanning of networks
  • Real-time watching of specific hosts
  • Alerting based on user-defined criteria (ie. Slack, Telegram, semaphore, smoke signals)
  • Fully terminal based interface … ncurses for the win!


I plan to use my two favorite tools for this project, both are cross-platform, both are made by JetBrains, and both are great:


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