Ubuntu File System Usage

Have you ever logged into your Ubuntu server and asked yourself, what’s using 98% of my disk drive?

That’s the question I had this morning. There was no easy way to get an answer, my typical df -h just showed me the same information … 98% used. On a graphical Ubuntu installation I would have fired up the trusty “Disk Usage Analyzer” and seen the problem right away, but alas, my server can’t do that.

I found the answer. The “NCurses Disk Usage (NCDU)” program. You can install it with a simple sudo apt install ncdu (on 20.04 anyway) then cd / to get to your root directory and then sudo ncdu to run the program. It will analyze your disk and give you a navigable view of your folders, complete with their calculated sizes.

Go hunting for that ginormous cat video and rm it. Enjoy!

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