Art – COVID Update 1

From Rebekah’s Facebook Page:

Wanted to wish my daddy a belated Happy Birthday!

Our thanksgiving and Dad’s birthday was very different this year My dad went to the VA Hospital Thanksgiving morning having a hard time breathing (he had been fighting off a cold).

The doctors and nurses took him in right away and after evaluating him we were told he had Pneumonia and COVID.

He was quickly admitted and put on oxygen as his O2 levels were fluctuating.

Through the night his oxygen levels got lower so they started more aggressive breathing treatments and moved his care to constant observation/ICU.

Since none of us can be there with him we have been calling the doctors and nurses and they have been gratefully, attentive and willing to answer & explain all our questions as we discuss course of treatment. Things look different & can change very quickly for Dad since he has ALS.

As of today, Dad said he is able to breath a bit better and he is sounding improved. He is in good spirits and the doctors and nurses are encouraged by that. They have said we’re not out of the woods yet but are cautiously optimistic on how he is trending.

He FaceTimes us often or when he can without talking too much as that winds him.

The doctors and nurses have been caring so well for him and we are grateful for them.

This is not going to be an easy road for my Dad nor the family but we are grateful for the love and support from all of our friends and family. We would appreciate your prayers so much as we all navigate through this.

We will try to give updates as much as possible.

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